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Fighting a Jinchuuriki

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Fighting a Jinchuuriki Empty Fighting a Jinchuuriki

Post by Dan on Tue May 03, 2011 5:09 pm

Jinchuuriki are controled by the Kages of their villages and the Jinchuuriki handlers.
Jinchuuriki are their village's most prized and ultimate weapons.

Jinchuuriki have a strength lvl of 10 (500 health)
Jinchuuriki's attacks deal 200 damage
Jinchuuriki's Ultimate attacks deal 3,000 damage
Jinchiuuriki's attacks have a speed of 80MPH
Jinchiuuriki's attacks cost 600 Chakra
Jinchiuuriki's Ultimate attacks cost 3,600 Chakra
Jinchiuuriki's have 20,000 Stamina Reserves (15,000 is the tailed beast's chakra)


Male Age : 30

Ninja Info Card
Total Ability:
Fighting a Jinchuuriki Endl1045/60Fighting a Jinchuuriki Empty210  (45/60)

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